The purpose of The Society shall be those non-profit purposes

 stated in the Articles of Incorporation as may be amended.

The mission of The Society is to enrich the musical and 

cultural life of the Sedalia area by the production and 

presentation of concerts and programs utilizing local and 

recognized guest artists.  Furthermore, we will endeavor 

to provide student outreach opportunities to encourage 

and enhance the learning and acquisition of musical 

skills by the youth of our area.  

The Board of Directors may adopt specific goals as needed 

to enable The Society to accomplish its mission.


The Missouri Arts Council awards grants to organizations to stimulate the growth, development, and appreciation of the arts in Missouri. This funding makes possible quality arts programming to communities throughout Missouri. In addition to financial assistance, it provides expertise in community development, fundraising, marketing, grant writing, arts education, artistic disciplines (visual arts, music, literature, theater, dance, festivals, and film/media) and more.